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I have a few pieces of Hallicrafters equipment. As indicated on my Main Page, my H.S. Algebra teacher brought to class a T.O. Keyer one day to show as an example of something.  Sorry, can’t remember what… but it was the catalyst for by entry into Ham Radio.  I showed interest in the keyer and he invited me over to see his hamshack.  That’s all it took.


 SOLD -This is my SX-62.  I picked it up from a friend in California and had it sent back. It is in very nice shape with a dial face that is perfect. Many SX-62’s  haven’t held up well as far as all of the listings on the dial face.  With dual 6V6’s, this was designed for the living room instead of the hamshack.  The lack of a bandspread makes it difficult to manage on the ham bands.  It covers from Broadcast through FM. The fidelity of the FM is quite nice.




   This is the refurb of my SX-42 in different stages.


 This is the finished product.  The robust volume and sound quality fill the room compliments of a pair of 6V6’s.   With the green tinted dials, the nice design really stands out.   This is virtually the same circuit as the SX-62 but it DOES have a bandspread. It was marketed towards the amateur operator whereas the SX-62 is for the SWL and for living room entertainment.  This is a very HOT receiver and when tuned up there is no need for an elaborate antenna system.

Both the Main Tuning AND the Bandspread are controlled using a three part knob. The outer portion controls the main tuning while the next portion controls the bandspread. The change is made with the control in the center of the knob which, when rotated 90 degrees, engages and disengages a clutch mechanism inside allowing the choice of which to use.

(I must have taken this picture before the bandspread dial insert was finished… it isn’t there)



 Here is the infamous Hallicrafters SX-28A.  When introduced, it was heralded as the finest receiver available. It IS a very nice receiver but the folks giving out those accolades never had to service this beast.  Those who have worked on one know exactly what I am talking about AND those who haven’t … well “it ain’t pretty”.  There are many sights on the web that are devoted to this great receiver. This particular one came from Vistoria, B.C. – Canada.  It was in very nice shape except it doesn’t have a cover for the tuning compartment.  Sorry about the junk on top !



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