There’s something brewing at the old ranch . . .

With the onset of winter, I needed to find a new way to heat the shack … errr shop.

Enter the new addition to K7RLD . . .








Both Steve (WB7BNZ) and Ray (W7GEC) spent an entire Saturday helping yours truly haul this puppy back from Oregon. Ray even popped for the diesel fuel. The only casualty, unfortunately, was Ray’s finger. As Ray puts it, “John got a new toy out of the deal and I got a new fingernail.” Now that is a true friend.

(the light dots are raindrops that started falling just as we got it unloaded)


Here are some other pics from our Oregon adventure on October 19th, 2002.

This is riding in real class! Only the best for my toys.




And now the real story . . .




Really getting your hands dirty . . .









More pics as the project progresses

73’s – John


Project done almost a year to the day. The 20V-3 is in my shop so I had to remote it to the nice warm shack.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll explain further how I did all this. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]


Here is a synopsis of the entire project to completion