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With all the things we have going on, ham radio plays a big part of it. Hopefully, this year will bring a little more time to enjoy things like getting away on a weekend for a camping trip in our mountains or just taking a weekend ride with an overnight stay for fun.

Peggy and I met at the Ham Radio Outlet Store in San Diego in June, 1991 and were married in October. It was our common interest that brought us together that day and we enjoy a fun and rewarding life together.

Our ham radio hobby is what allowed us to meet at the same place but, it was God who made sure we were there at the same time. It is in our honoring God that we have a good life and enjoy every day to it's fullest.

It is our faith that takes us over the hurdles of life and by His Grace we continue on and are abundantly blessed. You may e-mail us at:
Peggy - N7MTL or Paul - K7IN

This was my CW station in 1990 while in San Diego. I miss using
this great station but, there was no room for it in an apartment.

Links and Items of Interest

Scott has written some great programs for ham radio use. I strongly recommend that
you click on the link above and see for yourself. He has just written a very nice
Ham Club Database program for keeping track of members of your organization.
It is easily adapted for any amateur radio organization's needs such as ARES, RACES
and SkyWarn. Some are free, others have a modest registration fee but, all are fully
functional, "try before you buy".

I'm still collecting things to make this page better so, check back often!

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