I have this old radio and would like to know more about it.

This nice old wood table model radio followed me home from a garage sale. The cabinet is in excellent condition because someone has completely refinished it. The minor delamination will be easy to fix but I have a problem restoring the chassis because I have no way of determining the manufacturer of the radio. The original decals or other labeling did not survive the restoration of the cabinet and so this is a mystery radio.

The radio has a total of 4 tubes including the rectifier. It is an AC/DC design and uses one ballast. The tubes that were in the sockets are: Possibly a 6C6(?) 6C6 25L6 and ?? rectifier. The first of the 6C6's was broken and I am only guessing that it actually is a 6C6 based on connections of elements to the pins and the fact that there is another 6C6 in the radio. The rectifier has the pinout of a 25Z5 but I cannot be sure of identity because the marking is gone. The ballast is approximatly 345 ohms (cold) and is composed of a ventilated metal can with an octal base with the resistors inside made of nichrome wire mounted to a mica wafer.

The chassis has been punched for the mounting of two IF transformers in the usual places but none were ever installed. Instead there are two unshielded transformers mounted elsewhere on the chassis. This radio has only two RF tubes followed by a single audio power amplifier and must be a poor performer built cheaply and meant for use in urban areas. It is the first AC/DC set I have ever seen that is early enough to be using 6-pin tubes (the 6C6's and the rectifier)..the 25L6 is octal.

Any information will be appreciated. If you know of similar radios that use 4 tubes including rectifier in an AC/DC set employing 6 pin tubes like the 6C6 I could perhaps get the schematic information for that radio and it would be close enough to the one I have to enable me to repair this one.


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