ZF2MC/ZF8 '94
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CQ WW SSB Contest 1994 - ZF2MC/ZF8

This was the first ever expedition for the CNCG travellers. Both
Mark, ZF2MC and Ron, ZF2RV travelled to Ron Sefton's cottage
on Little Cayman Island to participate in the contest.

Here are some photos from the trip:

The airport at ZF8, sometimes you have to wait for the runway to
be mowed!

Ron Sefton's (N7EM) cottage on Little Cayman Island. Note:
this cottage has since been sold, and unfortunately is not available for contest use..

Mark, ZF2MC operating from Ron Sefton's QTH.

Ron, ZF2RV logging another contest QSO.

The shack at Ron Sefton's cottage.

Mark's QSL showing Little Cayman from the air.