Connecting to the K7AR DX Cluster Node


Clicking on the link on the CNCG home page will open a telnet session on your computer, and connect you to the K7AR DX Cluster Node in Vancouver, WA.   DX spots from all US areas and Canada are reported..

If this is your first time connecting, please enter your callsign, name and QTH when prompted.  The cluster will ask you to enter your latitude and longitude using the SET/LOCATION command.  This is optional, but useful to determine distance and bearing to the node, and to other connected stations.  Please note that your lat and long must be entered as deg and min, not decimal degrees.  For example, 45.5 degrees North should be entered as 45 30 N.  This is 45 deg, 30 min.  After that all the usual DX cluster commands should work for you.


Q: How can I connect to the node other than using the web page link?
A: Open your telnet program and connect to port 7300.  For Win 98 users, this is done by:

Q: Why does the link on the CNCG page start Telnet on some PCs and start Hyperterminal on other PCs?
A:  This is unknown, but either program will work to connect to the node.  The comments below about turning on local echo apply for either program.

Q: Why can't I see the characters I type?
A: You need to have Local Echo checked or turned on, as described above.

Q: Why does my connection time out after N minutes?
A:  This can be tough to fix.  Your PC environment, or Windows, or your ISP may have an idle timer turned on which disconnects you after some period of inactivity.  There are no timers at the node that disconnect anyone after a fixed period of time.