Informal Press Releases:

News that was released in e-mail messages.  Included are those that have some historical value, not just meeting reminders.

New Radio Club Layout Plans

The Radio Club Room and the Recreation Center has been closed.  All equipment has been put into storage until the new room is developed.

Letter generated to list the requirements for the radio club facility to keep the existing capabilities.  Also listed is the current facility and how compromises were figured.  Full Text:  Autonetics Radio Club Facility Requirements

AFC6BA (ex-AFC6RI, AFC6YPX) MARS Activity May Be Coming to an End -   
Today was the last day for Charlie "Hoppy" out in the Pacific.  He has been the most, and lately only, productive station in the Pacific.  We will advertise via e-mail and evaluate the MARS station status after the second quarter.

Boeing St. Louis Emergency Trailer was tested.  K6NX made contact.  More data: St. Louis Emergency Trailer Test

Letter to head of People regarding recreation center closure and the clubs: Recreation Center Sale and Clubs E-mail

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