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A Rather Recent Photo of Vern
at home in Oxnard, California, ~July 22, 2000
(Taken by KX6A, sk)
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Vern - at his "little ham shack", a cornerstone of the
Dawn Patrol, (59K)
meeting on the air promptly at 5:30 AM, 7 days a week.
Always at the ready with a friendly greeting, great conversation,
real war stories, and quick wit for the delight of commuters, hikers, and
listeners in Ventura and and even Los Angeles counties.

Vern's Collage (134K)
Military Service (255K)

Vern Served Aboard the USS John A. Bole (DD-755)

WWII Veterans Memorial Request, Page 1 (157K), Request, Page 2 (177K),
Acknowledgement Letter (109K), Certificate (131K)
Large Size Certificate (479K)

KM6WX Announcement

Vern's Obituary (55K)

Tributes, Thank You's, (17K)
and Other E-Mails Received Regarding Vern

Funeral Collage Taken April 2, 2001 (547K)
More Photos
The Wreath sent by the Dawn Patrol (129K)
Vern's buried in Oakhurst, CA
next to his wife, June (57K)

Wreath and The National WWII Veterans Memorial Donations:
Thanks To All, These Expenses Have Been Covered, per AA6AC

Funeral Directions April 2, 2001
Funeral General Location Map (22K)
Funeral Site in Oakhurst, CA

Vern's Headstone

Most Photos courtesy of Ron, KF6VOX, Jack, KX6A, and K6NE

Comments: Joe Krigbaum

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