[Last updated on: 22 Feb 2002]

The K6NCG mailing list (reflector) was established for discussion
of the Treasure Island Ham Radio Club which had the callsign K6NCG
prior to the closing of the U.S. Naval Base on Treasure Island in
the middle of San Francisco Bay. The callsign K6NCG is now held by
the Treasure Island Alumni Radio Association (TIARA) which was
formed by Mike Blier, W6FFC (formerly K7FQ and WA6URR while
stationed on Treasure Island) and Mike Mitchell, W6RW (formerly
N6NU and WB6FCE while stationed on Treasure Island). Mike Blier
is the president of TIARA and Mike Mitchell is the Trustee of the
callsign K6NCG.

The purpose of TIARA is to provide an avenue for all those amateur radio
operators that were previously members of K6NCG to get together, discuss
those good times that we all had at the T.I. ham shack, to reunite some
old friends and to create new friendships. If you were one of the members
of K6NCG in the past then you are automatically a member of TIARA.

This mailing list has been established for use by TIARA members to stay in
touch with each other and help to achieve the goals of TIARA. If you are
a former member of K6NCG, you are welcome to join us. If you know any
former members of K6NCG, please let them know about our activities so that
they can join us. If you are a new subscriber to this list, please send a
message to the list that tells us your name, when you were a member
of K6NCG, what your callsign was back then, what you have been doing since
then, etc. One of your old friends might read your message and a friendship
will be rekindled.

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