Using the Leica DLUX-4 to copy 35 mm slides to jpegs.

Using cardboard, I built a cradle to hold the camera 5.5 cm above the light box which contains two T8 Cool White fluorescent bulbs.
A problem is setting the film type so that skin tones are the same as on the original slide. After experimenting by trying all the camera's different film types
and adjusting the white balance, including adjusting the Kelvin, I was still not satisfied with the skin tones. I am using the original version of the operating
system that came with the camera. I cannot vouch that later versions will work with the procedure I am about to describe:

I discovered that if I toggle to AWB, then press the Display button, a new display shows up. It has X-Y axes, and a red dot which can be moved by
toggling. This changes the tint. I first started by taking a picture with the dot in the center.
Then I moved the dot to full left and noted that the color changed. Then I moved the dot to the upper left, took another picture. Each move of the red
dot gave a different tint to the picture. Finally, after taking a full set of pictures, with the red dot in different positions, I could decide which position
gave the best skin tones. I found that I had to do this with several pictures, in order to arrive at the best all-around setting.
To my knowledge, this technique is not described in the Manual.
I use film choice MY1 with custom settings. I have a check-off list of settings which must be made when going from regular photography
to slide copying. It is too long to be included here. The procedure is much faster than a scanner, with sharpness nearly as good as the original slide
and nearly as sharp at the edges as in the center.

In use, the Rim is set to Manual Focus, and the Mode Dial to Aperture. Then the aperture is set to f 7.1 to give best focus in the
center and edges. Focusing is set to Multi and Exposure Metering to AWB. Focusing doesn't have to be adjusted between slides, but
exposure may have to be adjusted for each slide, using the toggle. Click here to return to home page.       Click here to return to Leica Menu