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My QSL Card

My Favorite Ham Groups & Links

. . Help File for my favorite digital program:
MixW Help File by Scott Thile, K4SET, and Scott Hill, K6IX

. . The largest Amateur Radio Organization in the United States:

. . A bunch of old timers:
The Quarter Century Wireless Association

. . My local amateur radio club in Oakhurst, CA:
The Mountain Amateur Radio Club

. . Connecting hams around the world:
QSL.Net . .

. . An international group of morse code nuts:
The International Morse Preservation Society

. . If you are interested in key collecting try some of these:

My J-38 Key Collection (in excruciating detail)
My J-37 Keys (not quite so excruciating)
Tom Perera's "Telegraph Collector's Museum"
Neal McEwen's "Telegraph Office"
Lynn Burlingame's "N7CFO Keyletter"
Tom French's "Artifax Books"
Marshall Emm's "Morse Express"

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