November 23rd 2004

I started this web page a couple of years ago to share some of my projects, TTF (To The Field) trips, and things that I have fun with in Radio. My interests in radio include but are not limited to, Homebrewing Gear (anything from crazy small SMD to point to point tube gear), Operating CW QRP and AM QRO, both with vintage and modern gear, and a bit of PSK31 now and then. I like to work DX but seem to do that rarely these days. I guess I spend too much time at the bench. Most of my operating seems to be when we go camping or when I have a new homebrew piece of gear to play with. I do try to get on a few times each week, time permitting, and can usually be found in the CW portion of 40 meters. Look for me around the QRP watering hole, 7.040 MC and the glowbug watering hole 7.050 MC. I do venture to other bands, but 40 seems to be where I spend a majority of my time. I also operate on 75 Meter AM on 3.870 MC with the Johnson Ranger and R-390A. Take a listen on Wednesday nights for the West Coast AM International Net.

My current project has been the restoration and modification of an old Ameco AC-1. It used to belong to Jim Cates WA6GER (now SK) who was very active with the Norcal QRP Club. It's been a fun project and has inspired me to hombrew a few more glowbug projects. I'll have pictures of the AC-1 and other glowbug projects up soon.

I hope that you find something of interest.


73 Trev - K6ESE


---- Current Projects ----

An Experimenter's DDS Signal Generator 

AT89S8252 Firmware Uploader Interface

PIC-EL Parallel Port Adapter


---- Development Tools ----

AT89S8252 Development Software and Utilities


-- QRP Portable Excursions --

Joshua Tree National Park - 02/27/03 to 03/02/03

QRP To The Field (TTF) 2003 - 04/26/03

Mt. Palomar State Park - 05/01/03 to 05/06/03

Big Meadow - 07/03/03 to 07/06/03

White Mountain - 08/28/03 to 09/01/03

QRP To The Field (TTF) 2004 - 04/24/04


-- On-The-Air Audio Clips --

QRP-L Summer Fox Hunt

AM Operators


---- Pictures ----

KG6CYN Shack Pics (Old QTH And Callsign) - August 9th 2002

Johnson Viking Ranger Pics - August 19th 2002

K6ESE Mar Vista, CA Shack/Antenna Pics- April 15th 2004




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