The Hayward Radio Club
P. O. Box 4502 Hayward, Ca 94540

Field Day is an annual Amateur Radio event which combines aspects of an emergency drill, a radio contest, a club social and educational activity, and a public relations event. It occurs on the fourth full weekend in June every year. Minimally, Field Day is when Amateur Radio operators get out their generators and set up emergency stations as if there had been a disaster. Once up, it's a contest to make the most contacts with other Field Day stations.

This Year(2021) Field day is on June 26 and 27.

ARRL 2021 Field Day info

The Hayward Radio Club's Field day coordinator for 2021 is Chris Musselman W6ATV. If you would like to participate in Field Day with the Hayward Radio Club please subject=FDx: Field Day& body=Dear Chris W6ATV:%0AI would like participate in field day with the Hayward Radio Club.%0A73&"> Email Chris W6ATV with your request.

The Hayward Radio Club will hold its 2021 Field Day at Air National Guard base at 1651 West Winton Avenue in Hayward.

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