Teer Radio Association
VHF Repeater 145.390 (-) Mhz   CTCSS 114.8Hz  {RioLink System)
UHF Repeater 443.600(+) Mhz  CTCSS 114.8Hz  {IRLP Node
3600 & EchoLink Node 443600 }

    The Teer Radio Association (TRA) Repeaters are open VHF and UHF repeater for the use of any Technician Class or Higher licensed Amateur Radio Operator. The TRA VHF Repeaters are located on a commercial tower in Harlingen, Texas and provides local coverage at no cost to users for the Harlingen/San Benito/La Feria, Texas area for the enjoyment of all.  It is available at all times and especially during area emergencies.  The repeaters have emergency power capabilities in case of a loss of commercial power. The VHF repeater is linked 24 per day to the RioLink covering the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The UHF repeater is IRLP Node 3600 with EchoLink Node x.  The Teer Radio Association principles are oriented toward family HAMS of all ages.


    The Association members are primarily members of a family of HAMS and was initially formed because John Teer, AK5Z (Extra Class), changed his callsign from K5VCG to AK5Z after starting out with KN5VCG as a Novice Class and then upgrading to K5VCG over 50 years ago.  John changed his callsign of long-standing without consulting his family. When he changed the call sign in 1997, his family (Son - Jeff [KA7LEX-General Class]; Daughter - Jennifer [KA7NWC-Extra Class]; and XYL - Carolyn [WB5KOA-General Class] almost disowned him. (Jennifer's OM, Russ [KB5OTP-General Class] wisely remained politically neutral.)  To John's "harmonics", Dad would always be "K5VCG" because that was the only callsign they knew and heard since their earliest memories. As a nostalgic gesture, the callsign will continue to exist far into the future for the Teer family with only the Trustee changing as necessary.  The newest members of the TRA are John's and Carolyn's granddaughters, Rebekah [KD5YKD-Technician Class] and Rachel [KD5YKE-Technician Class], who are harmonics of Jennifer and Russ. However, their three younger siblings probably won't be far behind in getting their licenses.

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