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Amateur Radio is sometimes called Ham Radio, the exact reason has been lost during these last 100 years, but both names mean Radio Fun.  To operate a ham radio station, you must be licensed in the country you are in.  In the U. S. we have nearly a million hams.  We are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC.

To become qualified for an FCC Amateur Radio Service License, you must show that you know something about operating a Radio Station, this covers some Elemental Electronics Theory, Radio Propagation, International Radio Law, and Radio Safety.  Currently we have three classes of Licenses, they are as follows:


Technician  Class                This is the entry or beginner level of Ham Radio License.  The only requirement is to pass with a 75% score or higher a 35 question                                                 written Exam.  This License will allow you to operation at full legal limit power on the Six Meter and Lower bands.  Most Operators                                                 with this Class of License will operate on the six and two meter bands as well as the 70 Centimeter bands.  These bands allow                                                         repeater usage with Telephone Patches.


General Class                 This is the first license class that will allow you to operate on every ham radio band in use.  You must pass another written exam with                                                 35 questions, and a 5 Word Per Minute Learners Morse Code Exam.  This will open the world of ham radio as you can now operate                                         on bands that cover the world every day.  You must pass the Technician Exam prior to being issued a General Class License.  


Amateur Extra Class        This is currently the highest level of Amateur Radio License you can hold in the U. S.  This exam requires a 50 question exam, that                                                 covers some Radio Engineering Theory.  You must pass both Technician and General class written exams prior to being issued an                                                 Extra Class License.  This class allows you to use every authorized emission and frequency authorized the Amateur Radio Service.  



Even though these exams seen hard, they can be mastered with some of the videos we have to loan our students.  The FCC also has allowed all the questions to be published before you take the exam, so you will have seen every question before you take your exam.  We have seen some people take the study guide and pass the first exam in a weekend.  

When you become a licensed Amateur Operator you will received two licenses:    A station License with a Radio Call Sign and an Operator License for the class of license you have qualified for, sorry but only one piece of paper.  


The Sierra Blanca ARC, has Ham Radio Classes each year, this began with the Technician License and can continue to the Extra if you so desire.  The club also functions as an ARRL Volunteer Examiner Team, so you can take your FCC Amateur Radio Exams here in Ruidoso with local examiners.  The club will also help you with material and study help if you want to study for the exams in a self study program at home.  


If you want any information or assistance in earning a Ham Radio License, please email Rick Send Mail or leave a message at 505-354-9103.  


If you are a licensed ham but have not been on the air or need assistance to get on the air, please contact the above email or phone number.  The club has a group that can help you with any problem you have.  


Do not forget the SBARC meets every Saturday, for breakfast, at 9:00 AM Local at the El Paraiso Restaurant, 721 Mechem Dr, behind Lawrence Brothers Grocery.   Come by and meet the group.  


Radio Nets and Frequencies Used by Lincoln County NM Hams:


Primary Repeater                 146.920 Mhz        -600                No Tone                SBARC Club Repeater Located Near Swiss Chalet

Secondary Repeater                146.610 Mhz        -600                100.0 Hz                Capitan Solar Wide Area Repeater

Buck Mtn URR                146.740 Mhz        -600                No Tone                Buck Mtn Repeater

Mega Link                        146.660 Mhz        -600                 67.0 Hz                Mega Link Capitan Mtn.


Lincoln County ARES / RACES VHF Net  Every Sunday at 18:30 MST or 19:30 MDT on 146.920 Repeater.  

High Frequency Nets


NM Breakfast Club                3939 Daily at 06:30 Mountain Time

NM Roadrunner Net        3939 Daily at 18:00  MST or 19:00 MDT


Emergency NETS will be on 3939 Nighttime or 7240 Daytime + or - 10 Khz for clear frequency.  




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