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From:         Larry  WB8LBZ

( I edited this list, so any mistakes are Ricks)


Alamogordo Area:


Wednesday evening there will be a net on 146.80

at 7 PM sponsored be the Alamogordo ARC, NM. The PL is 100 Hz


Albuquerque Area:



Big Bend Area Texas and New Mexico

Big Bend Emergency Net  Every Sunday at 0730 Mountain on 3922 Khz

Bob Ward WA5ROE Net Manager


Clovis Area:




Deming / Silver City Area:


Thursday evening in Deming, NM is the 146.82 MHz

net at 7:30 PM. Net control is Paul, KW7D.


Saturday there will be a Joint Breakfast (Deming and

Silver City) at 8:30am in the Cactus Cafe in Deming.


Las Cruces area:


Sunday Breakfast/Coffee at the K-Mart in Deming,

NM. Start time is 8 AM


Sunday Gila ARS, (Silver City, NM) on the 146.98 MHz

repeater (103.5pl). Net Control is Harold, KC5ZDH and the

start time is 8 PM.


El Paso Area:


Monday evening is the WTRA round table and

swapnet on on the 146.88 solar powered repeater (El Paso).

Start time is 8 PM. Net control is Gus Kimmler KK5TU. All

hams are welcome to check in.


Tuesday evening is the 10-X net on 28.440.

Net control is Guus, KK5TU. The start time is 8 PM.


Wednesday evening several stations in El Paso

have had an informal round-table on 52.525MHz at 8 PM in

El Paso.


Saturday the QCWA net on 3.933 MHz will start at

8:30 AM. All hams with the proper license are invited to

check in.        (QCWA membership optional).


Las Cruces Area:


Weekday mornings regularly scheduled events.


at 6 AM in the Las Cruces area there is a 6 Meter FM net

on 52.54 MHz simplex.


at 10 AM there is coffee at Wal-Mart in Las Cruces, NM.


at 8 AM there is a Breakfast in Deming, NM, at Arby's.


Wednesday evening there will be a net on 146.64

at 6:45 PM sponsored be the Mesilla Valley Radio Club, NM.

The PL is 100 Hz


Monday at 8:30 AM there is the Rise & Shine

YL Net on 449.90 in the Las Cruces area.


Saturday at the Denny's in Las Cruces, there will

be a breakfast starting at 6 AM.


Lincoln County (Ruidoso area) ARES / RACES Net every Sunday 1800 MST / 1900 MDT on 146.920 Repeater.

Rick Sohl K5RIC Net Manager


Ruidoso NM, Ham Radio Breakfast Every Saturday 0900 El Paraiso 721 Mechem DR (behind Lawrance Bro. Grocery.


New Mexico State ARES / RACES Radio Net 1st and 3rd Sunday each month on 3939 at 1830 MST / 1930 MDT



South Central New Mexico / El Paso Area:


Thursday evening is the Multiplex net. Start time

is 8PM. The net meets on 444.20Mhz, 147.24Mhz, 443.4Mhz,

146.70Mhz in El Paso, 145.23Mhz (near Cloudcroft, NM) and

the 442.825Mhz, 442.95Mhz repeaters (El Paso)of the Amigo

link. All of these repeaters are now linked with together.

All licensed amateurs are welcome to check into the net,

with or without comments. Net control will be Larry, WB8LBZ.



On the horizon --



Web Sites of interest:

 http://k5wph.org                                         Sun City ARC-                K5WPH

 http://www.aasg.com/wtra/menu.htm           WTRA-                        K5ELP

 http://www.qsl.net/w5es                                 El Paso ARC-                W5ES

 http://www.zianet.com/aarc                         Alamogordo, NM ARC-K5LRW

 http://www.zianet.com/ka5bat                        Eastern NM ARC-        KA5B

 http://www.zianet.com/darc                        Deming,NM ARC-        W5DAR

 http://www.zianet.com/gars                        Gila ARC-Silver City, NM-K5GAR

 http://www.zianet.com/mvrc                        Las Cruces,NM-        N5BL

 http://www.qsl.net/k5ric/index                        Lincoln Co. NM ARES/RACES

 http://elp_ards.tripod.com/                        El Paso Amateur Radio Disaster Service

 http://k5wph.org/skywarn                        El Paso Skywarn

 http://wx.findu.com/wx5elp-1                        El Paso Skywarn WX Sta

 http://wx.findu.com/k5wph                        SCARC's WX Sta

 http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/index.html        Flare/MUF info

 http://spaceweather.com/                                One HUGE Spot!!



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