Surface Mount QRP Rigs?

My Design Challenge

One thing I find irritating about most homebrew QRP rigs and kits is they use a lot of old-fashioned through-hole (leaded), large components. This makes the radio big and bulky, and less conducive to convenient portable operation. If you can build a credit card sized 2M HT with scanning, memories, etc why are most single band QRP rigs the size of shoebox? I have worked in the electronics industry pretty much all my adult life, and see tremendously complex and feature rich circuits contained in pretty small packages- why not QRP rigs? So I have a goal of designing and building a QRP transceiver the size of a small pager, and runs from primary batteries. The only thing not self-contained would be the antenna. Technologically this is a no-brainer, all I need is the time to whip it up and refine it.

Bravo QRP Rig
Bravo Pager QRP
Someday I will build a 1W QRP
transceiver that fits in here.
Here is my first attempt at an SMT design.
It puts out over 5W @ 12.5VDC on 40M.

The photo above shows my first attempt at a surface mount QRP design. It's a gated oscillator with a FET for a final PA. See my QRP TX Project Page for more details. Almost 3 of them can fit inside an Altoids tin. Once I find a suitable receiver circuit I'll bet I could fit both the TX and RX in the tin with room to spare. Maybe I'll get it small enough to fit in the pager case, but I've got a lot of development work to do. I'll get there someday.

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