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I've heard of folks using old computer mice as keyer paddles, so I thought I'd give it a try. I took it a step further, not only did I use the mouse as a paddle but integrated the keyer into it as well. I had a TiCK keyer chip I wasn't doing anything with, and when I saw this 3 button mouse in the trash at work I knew it would be the perfect candidate.

	??K JPG
Here's the CodeRodent's innards.
A different paddle shown connected.

I gutted the mouse, glued a piezo squeaker where the ball used to be, and glued the keyer chip to the PCB that used to hold the mouse's IC's, but left the switches in place. As an added feature I put a stereo jack on the end so I could plug an external paddle to if I wanted. It runs on a 3V lithium battery, which will likely last several years. Keyer output is via a 2ft cord and 1/8" plug.

My "Rodent Holding" technique.

Now I've got a keyer that's very portable and inexpensive, which is a lot better than hauling around a $150 station keyer/paddle combination.

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