Boom to Mast Plate
BoomMast Plate Image

I needed a boom to mast plate that could accomodate both the 1" boom of a UHF yagi, and the 2" diameter of a mast.  Array Solutions sells one, but it didn't go up to 2"  and was kind of expensive for what it was, so I decided to make one myself.

I could've laid out the drill pattern by hand on a piece of aluminum, but figured I would want to make more at some future date.  So I laid out the pattern instead in a graphics program.  By printing it out on paper and gluing it to the material it is trivial then to use it as a drill template with very good accuracy.  I have made a number of these now and they work great.

Download the PDF file of the template by clicking the image above and print it out as needed to make your own boom to mast plates.

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