K5LXP's Ham Station

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Main Ham Station
Icom 735 HF rig, Icom 706, Icom 746Pro, Icom 910, Motorola MCX1000 2m and 440FM, , KAM, etc, etc.
Radio Bench
Tek scopes, power supplies, signal generator, solder/desolder stations and a host of hand held equipment.

The Antenna Farm
I've got 10 antennas in all, covering all bands between 3.5 and 440MHz.
Here are photos of a few of them.

Beam Stack
HF8V Vertical
40M Sloper
Tower "Stack"
HF-Mosley CL-33, 6M- 3 elements, 2M-11 elements, 440-19 elements, 40M Sloper.
Butternut "HF8V"
HF6V with 17 and 12M added. Very convenient-one hose to the radio, covers 3-30MHz.
40M Sloper
1/2-wave 40M sloper off the tower, pointed northeast.

Trap Dipole
Junction Box
Comet GP-9 dualband antenna for FM. 40M Isotron on the same mast. 2M 5/8 wave for packet/APRS.
80/40 Dipole
Hy-Gain trap 80/40 dipole suspended above the house.
Coax Junction Box
Contains lightning protection and the 6x2 coax switch boxes I built.


Sandia Field
Virginia St
Here are some screenshots from the tiny video camera I mounted in the end of my Mosley tribande's boom.

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