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Ray-Tel TWR-2

Description 5 channel base/mobile AM transceiver
Years made 1962 - 1964
Original price $189.50
Circuit 10 tubes
Transmitter Crystal controlled, 5 Watts input
Receiver Crystal controlled, dual-conversion, first i-f 6.0 Mc, second i-f 455 kc
Power supply 115 VAC, 6 VDC or 12 VDC
Sams Photofacts Volume CB-4, page 81
Advertising Popular Electronics, 1962  (98k)
Popular Electronics, 1962  (105k)
Popular Electronics, 1962  (82k)
Magazine articles Popular Electronics, 1962 - training for America's Cup yacht race (141k)
Other printed matter I have the original owner's manual. I have scanned the manual, and you may download it one page at a time. (note large file size; download may be slow!)
    Cover (38k)   Notice (112k)   Warranty (70k)   Contents (56k)
    Page 1 (123k)   Page 2 (112k)   Page 3 (133k)   Page 4 (103k)
    Page 5 (139k)   Page 6 (160k)   Page 7 (134k)   Page 8 (86k)
    Dimensional Drawing (59k)   Schematic Diagram (333k)

Ford Motor Company accessory catalogs, 1964 - 1967.

International Harvester sales brochure, ca. 1964:
    Page 1 (136k)  Page 2 (116k)  Page 3 (136k)  Page 4 (133k)

Canadian model TWR-2c (photos by John Patrick, Windsor, Ontario)

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