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Ray-Tel TWR-11

Description 10 channel mobile AM transceiver
Years made 1966 - 1969
Original price $159.95
Circuit 12 transistors
Transmitter Crystal controlled, 5 Watts input
Receiver Crystal controlled, single conversion, i-f 455 kc
Power supply 12 VDC
Features - pushbutton channel selection.
- optional "Ray-Call" selective call encoder/decoder.
Sams Photofacts Volume CB-15, page 109
Advertising S-9 Magazine, June 1967  (114K bytes)
Magazine articles S-9 Magazine, May 1967  (126K bytes)
Other printed matter I have the original owner's manual, warranty card, safety warning labels, etc. (see photo)


Rear panel showing serial number, connections, etc.  (50 kB)
Box label showing serial number  (51 kB)
Inside the radio, top view  (105 kB)
Inside the radio, bottom view  (91 kB)
Manual, warranty card, labels, tags, hardware, etc.  (56 kB)
Labelling on one end of box  (74 kB)
Labelling on other end of box  (104 kB)
Shipping postmark date on box flap  (104 kB)

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