Hallicrafters OPS/FM-1B Transceiver

Closeup of the controls on top

The Hallicrafters OPS/FM-1B is one member of the “OPS” series of radios. It closely resembles the popular Vietnam era OPS/HT-1 Village Radio which was sponsored by the CIA, through a front organization known as the Office of Public Safety (OPS). The purpose was to provide simple radios to the local civilians, so that they could inform officials of Viet Cong activities. The radios were built under contract with Hallicrafters. Several versions were built through the years. The OPS/HT-1, built in the 60’s, was 30-42Mhz AM operation and was closely patterned after the CB radios Hallicrafters was building at the time. The later OPS/FM-1B was built in the early 70’s and was 148-170Mhz FM. Radios in the “OPS” series were used in other places in addition to Southeast Asia and many languages can be found on the various name plates (if they are still in place).