The Si570 Controller and Frequency Generator Kit #2 includes a 12 digit LCD frequency display, a programmed MC9S08QG8 microcontroller, and a rotary encoder for tuning. For Softrock, it can be used #1) to replace the regular USB I2C interface to the Si570 mounted on the SoftRock or #2) you can mount the Si570 chip on the Controller and use the 4x frequency RF output to drive the SoftRock logic. Here are some further notes from Sid Boyce [email protected]

relative to #1:

Filter selections are made from locations 100 up. P3 supplies 3 bits and ground allowing selection of up to 8 bands.

This is how Sid Boyce set his up for band switching. Pins 1 and 2 will switch the 4 RX BPF's. Additional band segments can be inserted, e.g you could set up more 4xx locations to easily move to other parts of the 10m band, avoiding the need of always having to tune up from 28.0 Mhz.

Memory location.......Band....value..............P3 pins 1,2,3

P3 output levels 0=0V 1=3.3V

I have set memory loc. 002 (startup frequency) to 301 so the unit powers up with