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Steve, Kim, Jacob,& Trevor, Christmas 2000
This is old Red, he's a
Antler chasing Fool.
Bullwinkle better
not push his luck !
Please E-Mail me K4SJA.
Welcome to the Website
of K4SJA. Steve Addison
Licensed Extra Class
Amateur (Ham) Radio
K4SJA, Steve with Eastern Wild
Turkey Taken April 14,2001
Steve with 41" Muskie
Steves Trophy Wall 2001.
Please go to the Top of my Page and in the Top Left hand corner you can find my
Guestbook. I hope you will take the time to sign it, and I thank you for Visiting.
73's and good DX.

Steve Addison, K4SJA
Hello and Welcome to my Webpage. My name is Steve Addison and I am Amatuer
Ham Radio Operator K4SJA. I am a Extra Class Operator. I am 46 years old Married to
my wife Kim for 14 years with Two Sons. Jacob who is 7 years old and Trevor who is 2
years old. I live in a small Southeastern Kentucky County named Owsley County. The
County seat is Booneville. Booneville got its name from the Famous 1700's explorer,
DANIEL BOONE. It was first called Boones camp then later named Booneville. Daniel
Boone would spend many seasons here Hunting and Trapping. His actual campsite is
located about an air mile from my home. I was first licensed as KG4EDP then later got a
new call of K4SJA. I have now worked 133, 6-Meter Grid Squares and have achieved my
VUCC Award on 6M. I enjoy chasing DX on HF. As of August 4th 2002 I have Contacted
211 DXCC Enities with 175 Confirmed.
I am now retired do to a serious Bad Back. I spent 18 years in Law Enforcement. I put
in 16 years service with KENTUCKY State Government as an Senior Environmental
Enforcement Officer, I went through the Police Basic Training Academy in 1978.
I am an accomplished Sportsman and I have loved Hunting and Fishing and the
Outdoors all my life. I hunt Turkeys, and Whitetail Deer, and I fish for Muskies and Bass.
I really hope that you enjoy this website and that you'll reccomend it to your friends.
Please don't forget to go to the TOP LEFTHAND Corner of my Website and Please SIGN
my GUESTBOOK. 73's and Good DX. STEVE K4SJA
YOUR CHILDREN.The most Important Resoure we have. Please be a Positive influence in your childrens lives.
K4SJA's Computer Setup. A Compaq Presario # 5280.
433 MHZ, 12 Gigabite Hard Drive,a Lexmark Z-53 Color
Printer,and a H.P. Flatbed Scanner, and a 17" CTX
Ultrascreen Monitor.`My E-Mail Address is
[email protected] .
I am BEARY Happy to be a
Ham Radio Operator.
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Steve and Boys,Jacob ,7 on my Right and
Trevor ,2 on my Left
This is my Ham Radio Equipment. Left-Right: Heathkit SB-1000 Amplifier,Icom 746 HF/6M/2M/ 100 watt Allmode,
Heil goldline Mic, Kenwood MC-85 Deskmic, MFJ 989C 3KW Antenna Tuner, 2nd Icom 746, MFJ-564B Keyer,
Icom SM-20 Deckmic, Uniden BC895XLT Scanner. Top Row Left -Right:Kenwood SP-23 Ext. Speaker, Kenwood
TM-255A 2M Allmode, RF Concepts 170 Watt 2M Amp Diawa CN-620B Swr & Wattmeter, An Atomic Clock, A
Clearspeech Digital, DSP Speaker, Astron 70 Amp. Power Supply, Yaesu G-450XL Rotor, 10 Meter Ant.
Switchbox,Radio Shack DX-394 Reciever,and lastly a Radio shack Pro 2006 Scanner.
S.M.I.R.K. Certificate,
Number 6440.
6 Club Certificate #873
ARRL Membership,
This is my General Bulletin Board.
Radio Shack
Pro 2006 Scanner.
Uniden BC895XLT
Radio Shack DX-394
HF Reciever.
Spot, Barking to the World.
I'm a Dog House Ham,Running
a Full Legal Limit.
CW Makes me HOWL,
because it hurts my EARS. I
run a little CW along but I
have to put plugs in my ears.
My Call is K9SPT.
Wife Kim,Jacob
holding Trevor
On top of my 100 Ft. Tower in my front yard, 2Meter
Vertical on top. Cushcraft 17B2
2 meter Horz. Beam. Cushcraft 6Element 6 Meter Horz.
Beam on Bottom. Yaesu Rotor
This is when I was a Law Enforcement Officer Working for KY.
State Government. 16 years of Service.
This is My ICOM 746 HF/6M/2M 100 watt Allmode
and my Heil Goldline Mic, with the GM5 Element.
Hello and Welcome to my Website. I hope you
enjoy your Visit. Here I am,Steve K4SJA, sitting
in my Radio and Computer Room.
This is my Mom & Dad.
Golden and
Ella Addison. We live
next door to them.They
have 4 Grandboys total.
There are only My Sister
and I. She also has 2
Trevor and Mamaw Jean, Kims Mom.
1 year old trevor, held by Uncle Harvey and
in the Middle is Kims Dad Papaw ...CHUM.....
My main Mode is VOX
Here I am again. That was when I was younger,Slimmer
felt better and didn't have as much Gray in my Hair.
X .....This is my QTH
This is my Ranger 391V 19 Feet 6 Inch Bass Boat
with a 200 HP Evinrude outboard on it. Its quite
heavy and has a Tandem Axle Trailer with Surge
Brakes. It will Run about 65 MPH on the Water. It
is truly a pleasure to fish from.
This is my Old 1976 Winnebago Motorhome, that I use to Hunt and
Fish from. It has 23,000 Miles on it.
This is Jacob my 7 year old,shown with his Baseball
Uniform and a Trophy he Recieved.
The picture on your Right is Trevor, who is 2 years old
with birthday cake on his face.
This is my Third Rohn Tower that sits in my Back Yard. I
have a 13b2 mounted on top at about 110 Feet. The large
Beam is a Hy-Gain TH7DX Super Thunderbird 7 Element
Tr1bander beam, being turned by a Ham 4 Rotor.