1971 Swan transceiver

Amateur Radio

My path to ham radio started at age 8 when I learned about Morse Code (CW) followed by short wave radio listening. My parents encouraged these interests. I earned my Novice license as a teenager.

My early years as a ham were influenced by my high school electronics teacher Mr. Langgin KAGRW, and several hams in or near my home town: Glen KJGH, Stan WYWW (SK), and Floyd WBQAH (SK).

1957 WRL GK 500B transmitter

My primary operating interest has always been CW. I also enjoy AM, SSB, and RTTY. I chase DX, occasionally do some CW contesting, and operate portable from time to time.

I enjoy learning about vacuum tube radio equipment.

1947 National NC-173 receiver

Heathkit DX-100B
Heathkit TX-1
National NC-173
Heathkit SA-2060A

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