sarg1.gif (5528 bytes)    Wednesday Night net at 8pm EST on 146.775    Net control operator   sarg1.gif (5528 bytes)

is :  Will K E 4  Ugly Looking Woman



                                                 APRS    144.390 Mhz

                                              Stafford / Fredericksburg

                                                Spotsylvania/ Caroline

                                                  King George / Louisa


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These digipeaters are identical using:

 Kenwood TM-241 mobiles /  Kantronics KPC-3 with Firmware 8.2

Both of these digipeaters are full time.


Fredericksburg K4MQF-1 is located just outside of Fredericksburg.                GREEN = ONLINE

Fredericksburg  K4HWK-1  IGATE is located downtown Fredericksburg       RED = OFFLINE

Spotsylvania K4MQF-2 is located centrally in the county to the west end.


Spotsylvania K4MQF-3 is an APRS  Weather Node

This set uses a Lacrosse WS2310 weather station / PC / FT1500 and a KPC3

The heart of this is Weather-Display software that updates the web site / pages me with updates / formats and sends out the APRS weather messages to the radio.





APRS Links:
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For information on these digipeaters contact Mike K4MQF at [email protected]