Current HF Base Rig - IC-756 PROII
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IC-756PROII - HF/6m Base Transceiver
Pulling signals out of the air just got easier! Thanks to YOU. Many of the improvements in the IC-756PROII came from hams who offered suggestions on how to make the incredibly popular '756PRO even better. Newly designed HF and 6 meter base transceiver, with 32-bit floating point DSP Digital IF filter w/ 41 selectable bandwidths, microphone equalizer, manual notch function, TFT 5" color LCD, digital twin pass band tuning (PBT), all mode, including PSK31, and much more. 
The Greatest Thing to Hit HF Since Sliced Bread
The new IC-756PROII sets a new standard in ham radio design and communications. At the heart of the 'PROII is a new, 32-bit floating point DSP. Older 16-bit fixed point DSP units limited the performance of earlier rigs. Not on the 'PROII.

The DX Advantage You've Always Wanted
The 144 dB dynamic range of 32-bit floating point technology blows away the old 16-bit technology. If your ear had that range, you could still hear a whisper while standing next to a jet engine. With the IC-756PROII, you may not get the full theoretical performance, but you will get amazingly clear, crisp reception and almost no background noise.

You Will Never Buy Another Filter
The IC-756PROII features 51 built-in, front panel selectable IF bandwidths made possible by DSP filtering. No additional filters or high stability crystal oscillators are available or needed. Our filters are the sharpest - more selective than any crystal or mechanical filters. The selectivity lets you pull out weak signals like never before.

Download the IC-756PROII PDF brochure.

Download the IC-756PROII PDF Owners Manual.

Download the IC-756PROII feature function benefit analysis.

So what makes the IC-756PROII different than the IC-756PROII?

  • Dimensions: 13.4 (W), 4.4 (H), 11.2 (D); 21 lb, 2 oz
  • HF + 6 Meter
  • 100 Watts
  • 32 Bit IF-DSP
  • 101 Total Memory Channels
  • Independently Selectable Tuning Shapes for CW & SSB
  • Variable Level noise Blanker
  • Auto & Manual Notch Filter
  • Twin Passband Tuning
  • CW Memory Keyer
  • VOX
  • Auto Antenna Tuner
  • SSB/CW Synchronous Tuning
  • External Control for voice Memory & Memory Keyer
  • Adjustable RIT Clear
  • 1/4 Tuning Steps in Digital Mode
  • 32-bit Floating Point IF-DSP
  • AGC Loop Management
  • Edge Cutting IF Filter
  • RF Speech Compressor
  • Twin Peak Audio Filter
  • Microphone Equalizer
  • Manual Notch Capability
  • DPSN
  • RTTY Demodulator
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • CW Wave Form
  • 5-inch TFT Color LCD  
  • Spectrum Scope
  • High Frequency Stability
  • Digital Voice Memories
  • Highly Stable Transmitter
  • Digital Twin PBT
  • High Performance Memory Keyer
  • Analog and Digital Meters
  • Set Mode Condition List
  • Complete CW Features
  • Superior Receive IMD
  • Dual Watch
  • Memory Pad
  • Triple Band Stacking Register
  • Quick Split Function
  • Built-in Antenna Tuner
  • AH-4 Tuner Control Circuits
  • Independent RIT and deltaTX Control for Main and Sub Band
  • Dual Antenna System
  • VOX
  • 2 Levels of Preamp and 3 Levels of Attenuator
  • Auto TS Function
  • CI-V Interface Capability With Optional CT-17
  • Noise Blanker
  • Scanning Functions
  • 101 Memory Channels
  • Optional Voice Synthesizer
  • CTCSS Tone Encoder Built In
More detailed IC-756PROII
specifications and options.


IC-756PRO LCD Display

IC-756PRO LCD Display

IC-756PRO LCD Display

IC-756PRO LCD Display


Some info about the  IC-756PRO I thought worth including
The ICOM IC-756PROII Advanced Operating Guide (only 38 KB). This is a document in Microsoft� Word� format written by Icom America's chief engineer.

Watch a Web Presentation (3.2 MB) of all the exciting and advanced features the IC-756PROII has to offer, right in your browser. The presentation is in the Microsoft� PowerPoint� format file. You can simply click on the link and watch the presentation in your browser, or right-click and select "Save target as..." from the pop-up menu to permanently save the file to your disk.

Note that you will need a free Microsoft� PowerPoint� Viewer to open the downloaded file, or to watch it inside the browser window with the PowerPoint� plug-in. The users of Microsoft� Office� most likely already have the PowerPoint� installed, and don't need the viewer.

Click here to download the Microsoft� PowerPoint� Viewer. (2.8 MB)

Click here to download the IC-756PROII Web Presentation. (3.2 MB)

Free Microsoft� PowerPoint� Viewer redistributed with permission from Microsoft Corporation.