ILGdb Program for ICOM Radios

Version 1.4 now available, see Release History.

This program interfaces with the ILGSIMPO.DBF radio frequencies database and lets you click a station in the database to tune your radio to the station, or scan the list looking for stations that are on the air.  The program has a list of all ICOM radios that use a 5 digit CIV frequency field (all but the 731/735, thanks to Ekki, DF4OR for the list).  Please let me know if it doesn't work with any of listed radios  and I will remove it from the list. 

The ILGdb program is available to download from here.  Unzip into a new folder of your choice. The program does not use or change the registry. If you don't like it, just delete the folder you put it in.  

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Known Problems

If you like the programs, or find bugs, or have suggestions for improvement, please Email me.

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