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Tan (early) Phoenix-SX Scan model.  Requires external speaker.  Black (Late model) Phoenix-SX SCAN.  Required external speaker & microphone not shown.   Tan (early model) GE Phoenix-SX w/optional DTMF Microphone. Standard model.  All bands look the same.

This document is for informational purposes ONLY! If you choose to follow the steps outlined herein, you do so at your own risk. I cannot, nor will not, be responsible for damage to equipment caused by modifications YOU make to the radio as a result of your reading this document.


The Phoenix-SX's I have worked on (1-VHF Scan, 1-VHF regular, and 1-UHF regular) are 16 channel 35-40 watt units and come down into Ham frequency bands rather easily. GE also made a 2 channel Phoenix-SX (synthesized), 16 & 2 channel Phoenix-S's (synthesized narrowband, not recommended) and 2 channel Phoenix's (Crystal). GE made a kit (option) which expanded the Phoenix-SX to 32 channels but these are somewhat rare. The Phoenix-SX's could use (but don't require) RX section re-tuning for maximum receive sensitivity. The best I have been able to get is .15 micro volts RX sensitivity with some degradation in adjacent channel rejection. I have the GE Single Channel programmer and from start to finish it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to program and convert (including looking up the hex codes for the frequencies in the THICK GE book). It takes me another 1/2 hour to play with the RX section. With the GE Single Channel programmer it takes 36 separate operations to program each channel.

In the above pictures:

Left: Older case (tan) 16 channel Phoenix-SX with optional DTMF microphone.

Right: Newer case (black) 16 channel Phoenix-SX SCAN.


The recommended in-line fuse is 15 amps (of any type you feel comfortable with). There is a "suicide diode" inside the radio to blow the fuse if you accidently reverse polarity. Without the fuse, this radio will seriously self-destruct, I have one in stock that was not fused and is unrecoverable (traces burned and blown off the main circuit board due to no fuse and reversed polarity) and - no I did not do it.


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    Make your own programmer for this radio!  It will cost around $20.00 in parts and about 1 hour of your time.
    Go to HTTP://home.thezone.net/~marsh/phoenix. Please tell him K4MBE sent you...

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