Northern Kentucky Repeater Association

The K4JBV Repeater 146.895/146.295 mhz

Independence, KY

The Repeater

The K4JBV repeater is one Six Repeaters that are a part of The Northern Kentucky Repeater Association.

K4JBV repeater operates on a VHF frequency of 146.895 mhz TX and 146.295 mhz RX. The tx transmits a 100.0 hz pl tone. The equipment is a General Electric Master II transceiver. The receiver has the factory ultra high sensitivity preamp.The transmitter has an output power of 100 watts. There is an ACC RC96 controller which performs all of the control functions. Also a Hall RV4 voter selects the remote receiver with the best signal and retransmits that signal. The voter votes very quickly and may switch receivers many times during a single transmission.

The VHF repeater antenna is 100 ft high atop a self supporting pole behind Bill, K4JBV's garage.It is fed with 7/8" copper heliax cable.

Signals are received at the VHF remote receiver sites and are then retransmitted on UHF to the repeater site where they are compared in the voter with the main receiver and the best signal is fed to the transmitter to be retransmitted.

There are four remote receive sites. two in Independence, the main site receiver and another at 60 ft on a tower along side Bills house, One on the Erlanger PCS tower at Commonwealth Avenue and I75 at 150 ft and the fourth one is located on the Alms Hill Apartment building in Cincinnati, Ohio at 175 ft.














The Main Site




The Trustee

My name is Bill Martin K4JBV and I have been a


Ham radio operator since 1956 when George Reed W4TCO (deceased) first introduced me to ham radio. I was 13 years old.

I passed my Novice class  test and was on the air. I wanted voice privileges and soon upgraded to Technician Class within the first year.

I was 21 when I finally upgraded to General class. It wasn't until 1994 until I upgraded to Advanced class and a week later to Extra class.

I built my first repeater in 1974 the 146.86/26 repeater. It started out on the water tower in the Devou Park in Covington, KY and was later moved to The Northern Kentucky University and after a merger with the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club the frequency was changed to 147.255/147.855.

Then with the help of others. I put on my second repeater the 147.375/147.975 repeateron the water tower in Walton, KY. Then in 1986 the third one went on 146.895/146.295 at my home as a low profile machine. It was later moved to my new QTH where it is now after the 100 ft pole was erected.



K4JBV Bill Martin

The Remote Receivers

The Erlanger, KY remote receiver is located on GTE's PCS tower along side of the Erlanger Fire House. The VHF receive antenna is 150 ft.high and is a 4 bay 6db gain Celwave antenna. The UHF link antenna is a Celwave 6 element 9bd gain yagi at 75 ft. Both antennas are fed with 7/8" copper Heliax. The VHF receiver and UHF link transmitter is a General Electric executive II Transceiver.


   The Erlanger Remote Receiver


The Cincinnati Remote Receiver


The Cincinnati, Ohio remote receiver is located 75 ft up on a tower atop the 11 story Alms Hill Apartment Building at 2525 Victory Parkway in Walnut Hills. Again the VHF receive antenna is a 4 bay 6 db gain Celwave antenna. Both feed lines at this site are 1/2" 50 ohm aluminum hard line. The UHF link antenna is an 11 element cushcraft yagi with 11 db gain. The link transceiver is also a General Electric executive II transceiver.

  EMAIL: K4JBV ([email protected])

Emergency Auto Dial Numbers

(The Emergency auto dial numbers still work even with the autopatch is disabled)

It is not necessary to dial a * in order to use the Emergency Auto Dialer for example to dial Boone County Police dept. only dial 911  To hang up dial #

Auto Dial Number  Telephone Number

Boone Co.



Kenton Co.  912 356-3191 
Campbell Co.  913  635-3122 
Erlanger  914  727-2424 
Covington  915  292-2222 
Cincinnati  916 352-3920 
Hamilton Co.  917  825-2280
KY State  918  428-1212 
Pendleton Co  919  1-606-654-3300

The Autopatch ( The Autopatch is Temporarly Disabled)

I believe that an Auto patch should be open to all who would like to use it at no cost. However someone has to pay for the phone line. So use it for emergency calls, or for any other calls you may like. But if you use it on a regular basis. I would expect a donation to help to offset the cost of the phone line.

Since I only have one phone for my residence and the repeater, when trying to make an auto patch, if the line seems deadhang up the patch. Since the phone line is in use.The code to turn on the auto patch is * and to turn it off it's  #

To make a call to my residence for example dial *356 2115 without a pause the repeater will say auto patch and read the number back to you 356 2115. You will then hear a beeping while the controller dials the number and it will then ring.

Please don't abuse the auto patch. and if you use it regularly please donate to the cause. Thanks.

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