This is the original Dynamo document used to make the t-shirts, for anyone
interested in trying their hand at making some themselves.  Installing The
Print Shop (by Broderbund) should allow you to open it.  The Hewlett-Packard
t-shirt iron-on paper works well and can be purchased many places including
Office Depot.  Simply put the iron-on paper in the printer, print out the
document, and iron it on following the instructions with the paper.  (VERY
important: After bringing up the document on Print Shop and then clicking
FILE--->PRINT, the box that says MIRROR IMAGE must be "checked" or the shirt
will come out bass-ackwards.)  Also, I've found that pre-washing the shirts
beforehand helps and when the ironing is in progress, apply a lot of
downward pressure to the iron.  RG

Here is the file    Dynamo.PDS

This is the picture that should come out fantastic and look like one of these shirts!
Disclaimer: They may look better on you than this picture. We didn't pay this person to model our new
t-shirt very much, in fact what do you expect for free labor! Thanks Lenny for showing us what the t-shirt
looks like!

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