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Radar and Weather Links

Intellicast Homepage
National Radar
PSC Weather Center Temp. Forecast Maps
National Weather Service
National Hurricane Center
Storm Prediction

Real Time Lightning Strike Tracker

Amateur Radio Links

DX Electronics
National ACS / RACES
National SKYWARN
U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
Emergency Radio - ARES, RACES, SKYWARN
Ham Radio Online - Up to Date News
The QRZ Callsign Database
The American Radio Relay League
ARRLWeb: Hamfest and Conventions
Dayton Hamvention - The Big Show
Federal Communications Commission
The Ham Station - Dan is the Man!
Amateur Electronics Supply
Ham Radio Outlet
YV-5 Communications, Inc.
Bamcom Ham Radio Store
Austin Amateur Radio Supply
Texas Towers
Juns Electronics
Associated Radio
Memphis Amateur Electronics
Ross Distributing
Burghardt Amateur Center
Radio City Amateur Supply
Comdac Amateur Radio
R&L Electronics
Universal Radio
Communications Headquarters
Denver Amateur Radio Supply
East Coast Amateur Radio, Inc.
Lentini Communications
Alabama Radio
Amateur Radio Site

Repeater Owners here are some good links!

Links Controllers
Lightning Protection
The Wireman
TE Systems Amplifiers
TPL Repeater Amps
Com-Spec Tone/CTCSS Products
Excellent Technical Repeater Resources
CAT Controllers
Hi-Pro Repeaters
RITRON Repeaters
Hamtronics Repeaters
Motorola & Kenwood Repeater Info
Decibel Duplexer Info

Other Local Amateur Radio Clubs

Statesboro Amateur Radio Society
Coastal Amateur Radio Society, (Not Netscape Friendly)
Amateur Radio Club of Savannah

UpComing Hamfest & Events

Scanner & Related Links

Gall's Inc. - Supplier

Good Scanning Info.
Fleet Codes for TrunkTracker
Excellent Scanning Resources
Savannah, GA. Freqs.
Live Scanner Audio

Semiconductor & Electronics component suppliers

Mouser Electronics
RF Parts
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Electronix Express
Hosfelt Electronics
National Electronics
Fourakers Electronics
Allied Electronics
Newark Electronics

Other Homepages

NASA Homepage
Lat and Long Locator of your Repeater and Sites

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