Here is my newest transmitter.  It uses a 6L6 with a 6X5 rectifier and a 0D3 voltage regulator tube on the screen.  The power output is only about 5 watts.  It can go almost twice that by pulling out the 0D3, but the keying is not as good that way.
     It is built on a 8 x 8 inch baking pan that I picked up at the grocery store for $2.00.  That was the only thing I had to buy.  The rest of the parts were already in the junk box.  A coat of hammertone gold paint gave it, in my opinion, a late-40's/early-50's look.
     It is set up for 40-meter operation right now.  That is my favorite CW band.  Most of my crystals are cut for the Novice portion of that band.
     My inspiration for building this rig was the Ameco AC-1 transmitter that was popular in the mid-1960's.  It used only a 6V6 and a 6X5 rectifier.  I saw one on WB1GFH's web site. The Ameco transmitter probably sounded pretty bad on the air with the keyed oscillator and no regulation on the screen.    However, I remember seeing it advertised for $21.95 in kit form.  What could I expect for that price?  Anyway, I wanted one when I was a seventh grader in 1967, even though I was not licensed until ten years later.  I was sure I could get the Novice ticket by the time it was put together.  Somehow ham radio was pushed aside by football, friends, motorcycles, girls, etc.