Building A High Voltage (5KV)
  Variable, Plate Capacitor (17-220 pF)

By: Anwar von Sroka, DL5DBM

EDITOR'S NOTE: A number of years ago, I needed an air variable capacitor for a project. Not having a lot of money, and having seen the TenTec kits for air variable capacitors, I knew they could be built. So, if TenTec could make a kit, I could homebrew them. I started searching the the internet for ideas. At that time, such ideas were scarce, but I stumbled on an article by a German ham and materials engineer, DL5DBM, Anwar von Sroka. The article gave me critical information to build my own, which I did. I had to cut corners due to cost, so my plans were more "field expedient" than Anwar's. Nevertheless, I documented my project, wrote it up, and submitted it for publication. When folks searched for homebrew, air variable capacitors, they would come upon my article, and then Anwar's to show the more elegant solution.

Somehow, over the years, DL5DBM's website got lost in the mists of the internet, leaving only my article readily available on the internet. Unbeknownst to me, my article had received some attention and praise. Had Anwar's article still been available, it would rightfully have been his. I became re-involved with ham radio after several several years absence, and decided to see if I could do something about this situation. I contacted Anwar, and found he is much too busy with work these days to keep up with hobbies for now. I offered to post his article on my site and maintain it.

To that end, I give you DL5DBM, Anwar von Sroka's excellent article on homebrewed air variable capacitors... N4DFP

Air Varible Cap - Page 1Air Varible Cap - Page 2Air Varible Cap - Page 3Air Varible Cap - Page 4
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(Used with permission)
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