The Great Fantini's KA3EKH


       Immediately upon entering the well appointed and one of the most organized shacks in Chickenland you are treated to an on the air demo of the pre-war HRO After selecting the correct coil set the set comes to life.

      The master takes a break after the well orchestrated demo of the HRO.

    Note the Red tower or runway light sitting on the table on the right, it left with Zorro to be used at Zorro's OL.





       The Master with equipment rack to include a WJ-8888. Note the blackout camo curtains to prevent spying by the neighbors. If you look carefully you will notice the GLB synthesizer, if you don't know what A GLB synthesizer is:     it is a little box that you hook up to your Motorola 80D so that you don't need to keep ordering crystals from ICM. If you don't know what an 80 D is:    that was one of the first available surplus commercial radios that could be converted to two meters FM, you had to solder things and make adjustments to make it play, if you don't know what solder things means:   that means to melt a mixture of lead tin and rosin and other metals to form a base for a good electrical contact. If you don't know what electrical contact means:    then it  .  .  .



      The test portion of the bench with service monitor. Ray is pondering his next restoration project. My guess is probably another URC-110.

       How many folks have two AN/URC-110's setting side by side. The PRC-68 is setting on top ready for fast reaction commo.

        A side trip to a local surplus yard results in the Z team scrounging parts from a old transmitter that was being cut up for scrap. Shown are KA3EKH, K4CHE, WB3ILM and several wasps. Note Zorro's clinched fist, Zorro does not like wasps.