K4BX Bill in Spring Hill, TN

I got my first ticket as WN8MOY in 1964 at the age of 16 in Youngstown, Ohio. After being a Novice for 5 months I got my General and became WA8MOY. I remained a General until 1978 when I got my Extra and became AF8U. In 1993 I moved to Tennessee and when the Vanity Call system started I received my current call, K4BX. My current interests are QRP, CW digital modes and casual contesting.

Current station setup is an Elecraft K3 feeding a 230' doublet antenna which works on all bands 160-6. In the shack I have a Yaesu FT-788 for 2 meter and 440. And yes... I have one of those $29 Chinese HT's.

I answer all real (paper) QSL's but prefer LotW. Lifetime ARRL member and member of the local Maury Amateur Radio Club.  w4ggm.org

This was my station from the early 1970's.
Heathkit SB-102.

This was my station during the late 1970's.
Heathkit SB-104 and a Heath 2 meter rig.