The Kentucky CW Nets:
Message handling by Amateur Radio is the oldest activity in the hobby. The National Traffic System is a network of trained operators who serve the public by handling third party messages in normal times so that they may prepared to do so efficiently in times of emergencies and disasters.  The Kentucky CW Nets have been a part of this tradition for many, many years.  The Kentucky CW Nets are: I am   net manager for the KY CW Net (KYN), which is my first love in amateur radio.  Some helps and hints for operating on Kentucky CW Nets are found on this site.   You can download this booklet and print it on any printer by following the instructions.

A CW Nets newsletter, QAN, is published each month for KYN and KSN, and the latest issue is online.
Various articles can be found here from recent and past issues, mostly biographical sketches of members. Look for the first bio which is a ham story of Sam Rhea, W4OGP.

Also found here is the article originally from QAN, then known as the Kentucky CW Net Newsletter, on J.B. Wathen, W4BAZ, who was a legendary CW net operator and booster going back to 30's.  Much of the material here is from operators he elmered into the nets.  There are also other member's bio's here.

Other CW Nets Information Sources:
(NEW)listing of CW Traffic Nets in the Eastern part of the country compiled by Woody Hester, WD9F, of the Illinois CW Nets.

Contact the managers:  KSN, KO4OL,  [email protected]
                                           KYN, K4AVX,   [email protected]

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