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Course benefits: Utilities are under tremendous pressure to cut costs while improving customer loyalty. This course provides comprehensive hands on field experience included with classroom demonstrations that will reduce your time spent on interference complaints. Participants will perform the most effective and efficient methods of pinpointing and eliminating power line and customer owned electrical interference sources using a variety of methods and equipment.


You will learn how to: Increase the efficiency of your present equipment and improve with new equipment. Recognize the difference between an inside and outside noise source, starting with the first phone contact. Understand the causes and how to eliminate electrical interference problems. Recognize the complaint source from other sources in the area, eliminating unnecessary repairs. Prevent problems beginning with construction.


Who should attend: This workshop is intended for technicians, linemen, engineers, operations and management personnel responsible for solving RFI & TVI complaints. This includes those involved with design, operation, maintenance & construction and training on Utility T&D, Substation, Cable TV, Telephone systems and customer information personnel.


The group will demonstrate a variety of techniques using the most effective equipment available. The workshops include class and field equipment, the most beneficial training available, and a Certificate of Completion. If your company uses, manufactures, sells or has the need for interference locating equipment, be a part of the most comprehensive classroom and field training available. To give the personal attention necessary for training, workshop attendance is limited and not open to vending. Don’t miss this opportunity.



What causes interference? Myths and Facts. The most common sources & how to recognize them. Locating equipment & techniques. Basic and modern. Correction and Prevention of RFI sources.


Power Line Interference Source Locating in the Field

Stop replacing insulators and transformers. 

Separate those inside and outside noise sources.

Common customer sources and how to locate them.

Stories from the field. Field experiences.


Quotes from previous workshops:

* A comprehensive approach. The problems, the equipment and solutions all presented in a “what really works” presentation… Not just theory. * Mike took a highly technical, complex subject and made it simple and easy to understand. * It was great to have an instructor who not only knows the material, but also works the job full time. * Mike is very organized and keeps you interested. A very good speaker. 

* Since attending the workshop, I'm solving complaints in a fraction of the time it took before.


About your instructor:

Mike Martin owns and operates the Consulting & RFI locating firm called RFI Services. He’s been locating interference sources and training Power & Telcom companies full time for over 20 years and solves an average of 500 interference complaints a year. He takes advantage of the opportunity to test all RFI locating equipment and makes recommendations to the manufacturers for improvements. Mike has received acknowledgments in publications such as: AC Power Interference Manual * Power Line Interference, A Practical Handbook

* T&D Magazine and * The American Radio Relay League Journal. Mike is multi-licensed by the FCC and considered to be the most experienced Interference Investigator in the country.



Newington, CT 06111 August 22&23, 2002
The workshop will be held at:
ARRL Headquarters  
225 Main Street  
Newington, CT  
Tel: 860-594-0200




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