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Welcome! I have been searching the net for months now, looking for legal resources that hams can use for that "tower project". I have all the documents contained in the ARRL "legal packet", and was hoping to find them posted somewhere. With the exception of PRB-1, I have not. As a service to fellow amateurs, I have decided to post them here. Some of my own ramblings and experiences can also be found here. I welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, and answers. If relevant, they will also be posted here on a regular basis.

-Good luck with that tower project! 73, de Gregg, K3QK

-My own experiences with towers and local government officials

-Chronological List of Landmark Amateur Radio Case Cites

-Memorandum Opinion and Order in PRB-1 (from ARRL Web Site)

-PRB-1, The FCC's Limited Preemption of Local Ordinances (from ARRL Web Site)

-John Thernes vs. City of Lakeside Park

-John Thernes vs. City of Lakeside Park-Consent Decree, Order, and Final Judgement

-Andrew B. Bodony vs. Village of Sands Point

-Sylvia Pentel vs. City of Mendota Heights

-Appeal of Lord (Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, 1951)

-Stay tuned! More to come, as soon as I can type it in!

Good Tower/Antenna Sites on the Web

(I am constantly on the lookout for more. Know of one? Email the URL to me!)
-Frank, VE3FLF's, web site Solid info and great photos!

-Don Stoner's Restrictive Antenna Covenants Home Page

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-this page first posted Sunday, April 5, 1998 (more to come)