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Welcome to the Johnston Island 

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11 -18 Sept 2001     IOTA OC-023


If Team K5K had a "window of opportunity" 18 Months out, Team K3J has had a "small hole in the screen."  Earlier this year, the US Army  completed its mission of the demilitarization of landmines, and VX Chemical Agent.  Fortunately, the commander Col James Pasquino was aware of my desire to operate Amateur Radio from there and called me in early August inviting me to come out prior to his transfer in October.  

Needless to say, life has become very busy trying to get the trip organized and juggling the entire work load of my shop since the transfers of my shop personnel. You just can not imagine all the detailed information that you have to plan for to make a little week expedition.  But I think we have all the squares filled and the bags packed and we are planning to leave Honolulu on the 11th of Sept!!!  We anticipate arriving at approx. 2200 UTC, and will set up antennas and radio equipment.  Our goal is to be working pileups on the low bands by nightfall, 0500 UTC.  ** See "Current News"

Tom, Bob, Mike and I are eager to work you from Johnston Island.   


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QSL Via:

HCR 2 BOX 6637
KEAAU HI 96749
(or via bureau)

73 and Mahalo! 


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