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Letter from Sam Shaw - Co I - 148th Pa Infantry

I am related to Sam Shaw who was killed at Gettysburg on July 2. Actually I am descended from Edward P. Shaw who was Sam's brother { 105th PVI} Attached is the transciption of a letter written after Chancelorsville. I recently received this transcription from Dave Rogers of Seattle, WA. who is descended from Sam's sister. From my family lore - Edward Shaw often spoke about searching for the body of a relative after the Battle of Gettysburg. Unfortunately when he found the remains they had been run over by artillery cassions and there was not much that could be done with them. - Now I realize that these remains were of his brother Sam. Since I've researched the 105th PVI for many years and have exhausted it....recently finding another relative who fought in the Civil War is exciting. I live in Buffalo, NY and have been going to Gettysburg for many, many years. I think that I have walked almost the entire field. I used to be a staff writer for Camp Chase Gazette which is a reenactors mag and have freelanced for Military Images. Currently I and a staff writer for On the Trail magazine - targeting the 18th Century. I reenacted the Civil War for 12 years and currently am a volunteer historic interpretor at Fort Niagara. - Tim Shaw
Letter from Samuel Shaw to his brother in law, Isaac Hughes written May 21, 1863 from near Fredericksburgh, Virginia. (Isaac Hughes was married to Samuel Shaw's younger sister, Mary Elizabeth Shaw) Post mark on envelope is from Oil City, PA, dated April 28, 1865, indicating it was sent to Isaac Hughes at Curlsville, Clarion County, PA after having been forwarded by others from Army General Hospital in Pittsburg. Isaac Hughes was admitted to the hospital on 5/1/1863. (Note: Battle of Chancellorsville was May 2-4, 1863 across the Rapahannock River from Fredericksburgh, VA. Samuel Shaw was killed at Gettysburg, PA on July 4, 1863 (another account shows Samuel killed on 7/2/1863). I am near fredericksburgh May the 21 AD 1863 my deare friend it is with plesure that I can take up my pen to scribble a fuew lines to you to let you know that my helth is none of the best at the present time but I hope that thes fuew lines may find your injoying your self well as you can and that you may get home soon to your little family I think that you had better stay where you ar and try and get home if you can a gaine for if you get back to your regtment I think you will stand a poor chance for you to get home from it well I received your letter and wase glad to heare from you once a gaine well I must tel you that I was in the fite we went in on fryday a boute twelve o clock and wase in til on wensday morning then we retreated back over the river in good order well we lost a boute one hundred and seventy men out of our regtment and our Cornal waus wounde and Col Mcknight wase kiled ded I under stude but E P Shaw and W A Hanes and Will Lucas ar all safe and in good helth I seen them all since the fite William Akins had his leg taken of there wase a grate menny men fel I have got to see a boute as mutch as I care a boute seeing it is pritty warm here know well the Corsica boys ar all in pritty good helth at the present time I suppose that you know a good menny of the boys that is in our Compenny and and in compenny k ther is seven compennys from Centor County and the other three is from a boute home Jefferson Clarrion and Indiania Countys well I think I must bring my scribbling to a close for the present my best respect to you wishing you all the good luck that you can have and a safe return to your family a gaine you nead not rite to me til I rite to you a gaine for if you doe I may not get it as we have got marching orders but I cant tel you where we may go to so I will bid you good by for the present but not for ever from Samuel Shaw to Issac Hughes (Note - the spelling is done the way the letter is written - with no punctuation).

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