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Sam Shilling of 148th Co. E.

Ever since I was a child my Grandmother had told me about my Great, Great, Grandfather Shilling and his service to the Union in the civil war. On my Grandmothers wall there is a photo of him sitting next to a rock at Gettysburg in the spot he was shot. Last spring, I became curious wondering if there was anything written on the back of the picture. When we opened up the old frame there was nothing on the back but we noticed a little piece of paper hidden in the back. It appeared to be a map sketched by my Grandmothers father. He had taken his Dad to the reunion in 1913. The sketch had the exact location of the rock. I of course went to Gettysburg with my girlfriend and went into the woods near the Pennsylvania monument where we found the rock just like it had been 130 years ago. Sam Shilling helped raise my Grandmother who is still well at 94. She says he never really talked about the war much. It wasn't until this year I learned of the countless battles he was in and his capture at Reams station Virginia. The government papers I got back said he was sent to Salisbury prison where he escaped February 10th, 1865 and showed up in the union lines in April. Wilbur Dunn a noted writer who did some research for me has recently told me he found Sam Shillings name in the list of veterans who attended the Pennsylvania monument dedication at Salisbury November 16th, 1910. No one in the family knew he had gone to this. Researching the 148th I believe will be a life long hobby of mine to enjoy. Doug White [email protected] Picture & story from Doug White GG Grandson of Sam Shilling.

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