NYU Amateur Radio Club Museum

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  In Memoriam  -  Silent Keys

 Remembering Alumni and Former Members who are no longer with us.

Prof. Phillip Greenstein,
  '27E,  d.2004, age 98
NYUARC Faculty Advisor, 1932-1973,   more

Nathan Janco, '32E, '34A,  W5FUR, d.2006, age 95
founding member of NYU Radio Club,  more

Samuel Malkin, '34E, W2BTI, d.1995, age 81
founding member of NYU Radio Club   picture

Ladd Sajor, 1934-35, W2KGV, d.2009, age 93
W2DSA club photographer  more

Perry J  Nott, '36A, W2EXK, d.2005, age 89
Club Secretary 1934-35, picture more

Abba Messe, '37A, '41MD,  W2DRG, d.2005, age 88
Chief Op of W2DSA,  more

Onnie Laivo,  '48E, d.1990, age 70

Richard Zucker, '48A, W2QKT / K3ZU, d.2004, age 80  more
also Member of Track Team and Draper Chemical Society (thanks Dino Paschetto)

Roy Udolf, '50E, W2OLC, d.2007, age 81

Steve Lipsky, '53E,  W2VVN, d.2007, age 75,  more

Dave Rosen, '58A, W2GLM / K2GM, d.2007, age 69,  more

Mel Cogen, '61Commerce, KF4VPG, d.2002, age 66,  more

Greg Baczkowski, '71E, WA2TLJ, d.2000, age 51, picture

Yardley Beers, faculty / trustee, W2AWH / WJF, d.2005, age 92,  more (thanks w8su)