NYU Amateur Radio Club News,  December 2009

Season’s greetings to all.  This is just a brief year-end update on the activities of the NYU ARC over the past 6 months.  The club now has 53 members.  Our club-building efforts have slowed down a bit recently, but since the last newsletter, we've located and added three new members.   Welcome to -

·         Dick McClure, ex-W1LBE, ‘59E

·         Alan Shapiro, ex-WB2RBF, ‘64E

·         Scott Bernstein, KJ5EX, NYUMC faculty

You can read Dick’s and Alan’s comments in the Alumni Notes page of the NYU ARC museum.

NYU ARC is participating in a new interactive web site designed for college amateur radio clubs, CollegeARC.com  The authors have an ambitious agenda to promote activity and share information among university clubs.  Click it for more information.

We now have six amateurs at the NYU Medical Center.  Hopefully that will be enough “critical mass” to get something started.

Several other NYU students and graduates visited our web page and made inquiries about licensing and/or joining the club.  However, no one has followed up yet.


Ron Litt AE5NO, ‘63A, continues his re-birth as an amateur.  He writes:

Just a little update from Texas.  Got my first homebrew antenna up.  A little 2 meter vertical dipole I built from a QST article.  A stealth installation.  The antenna is inside some PVC pipe.  The pipe is painted to look like a drain pipe alongside the house.

BTW, I was googling around the other day and found an image of my first QSL card (attached).  I got it for free.  When you are 15 years old, free counts for a lot, even though there was a lot of gender confusion as a result.


Bob WB2NVR continues to do a great job of managing the QSL chores for the club.  He keeps the Logbook of The World up to date as club members work new ones.  Click here DXCCprogress.txt  for a detailed update on countries worked and confirmed.

Check out the QSL gallery in the online museum for some of the latest exotic cards.   (I have a few more sitting back home in New Jersey, waiting to be scanned and uploaded.)   

For those of you who haven't seen the NYU ARC home page on the world-wide-web recently,  please visit http://nyuarc.home.att.net   

Have a great new year, and keep in touch.  Thanks and 73


Dan Ostroy K2UL,  '71E

c/o Daniel Ostroy
8 Golden Crest Court
Hamilton  NJ  08691-3313


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