NYU Amateur Radio Club News,  July 2009

The NYU ARC now has 48 members.  Since the December 2008 newsletter, we've added six new members, including three from the NYU Medical Center faculty.   Welcome to -

·         WB2SSB, Joe Sanger, ’77Med

·         NB2N, Mitch Chesler, ‘83GSAS, ‘86Med

·         KC2OQB, Michael Argilla, NYUMC faculty

·         W2ZH, Bill Schmidt, ‘76Ed

·         N2NOV, Charles Hargrove

·         Gi Eun Lee, ‘09Stern

We are sad to report that we lost one member with the passing of Ladd Sajor W2KGV, who attended NYU in 1934-5 and was our oldest member.  Ladd took the pictures of the 1930s ham shack in our online museum.  Ladd lived in Pleasantville, NY for many years before retiring and moving to Florida.  He was 93.

On May 6, the NYU ARC Executive Committee held an impromptu dinner meeting in Manhattan, including wives.  Attending were Gerry K1NY and Janis, Dan K2UL and Debbie, Bob WB2NVR and Suzanne, and Bill K2EK and Jackie.   Many pictures were taken, but they are still sitting in Bill’s camera  :-(   By the way, Bill and Jackie were married in January and live in Florida.  They made the trip up north to visit family and friends. 


Congratulations to Ruth WB4QZG  '71E.  Ruth and her daughter Lori recently participated in the USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Contest in Boston.  Ruth writes:

   “Hi,  I thought you'd be interested to hear what I'm up to related to amateur radio.  I think you know that I do orienteering quite a lot.  So, there's a related sport - ARDF (amateur radio directional finding).  My daughter, Lori, is getting a PhD at Harvard and orienteers up there .  There is a local guy, Vadim Afonkin, KB1RLI, who is from Russia and does ARDF internationally and placed rather high at the world champs last year.  So he is training Lori and some of her friends who orienteer and I've tried it a couple of times.  Vadim put on this year's US champs last weekend in Boston and I decided to go up there for it.  http://www.arrl.org/news/features/2009/02/10/10639/

  “Lori and I both won our classes in 2 meter and 80 meter transmitters. There were people from Ukraine (World Champion men 50 and older), Germany, Sweden, Japan, Mongolia, and England.  They actually traveled here for this event.

  “The next world champs will be in Croatia and Lori and I may go for it.  There are also 2 people in our orienteering club who do this - Nadia and Charles Scharlau, NZØI.  Nadia is also from Russia and used to get paid to compete.  I think Charles got into it from the amateur radio side.  They put on the US Champs in 2007 and our orienteering club may do it next spring as well.

  “So I don't know if this is anything that might interest either of you but you may want to put something about it on the NYU website.  More than half the people who competed are hams and the rest of us started as orienteers first.  Or in the case of the foreigners, they may or may not be hams but at least the eastern Europeans started doing radio finding as kids.  Nadia has been doing over 30 years.


Congratulations to Ron ex-K2KMA  '63A/E, now AE5NO. After 40 years as an ex-ham, Ron has been bitten by the bug again and recently passed his Tech, General, and Extra exams.  Ron was President of NYU ARC in 1962-63 and now lives in the Dallas area. 

   On May 22, Ron writes:  “After almost 40 years as EX-K2KMA, I just got relicensed as KF5BGO.  Just moved to the Dallas TX area.

   “I don’t know, the bug just bit me, so I took and passed the Tech exam just in time for 2009 Field Day.  I hope to complete the General and Extra exams before getting on the air. Meantime, I’m going to find a local club so I can get to know some folks.

  On July 22, Ron writes:  “Greetings all,  Just wanted to update you on my latest. 

  “I passed my Extra about 2 weeks ago.  My new call sign is AE5NO.  I’m on 2 meters at present using a VX-7 HT.   Now I’m learning how to use the repeaters around the Dallas area.  I joined the Plano Amateur Radio Klub ( PARK. . .cute, isn’t it.) and worked Field Day this year at the club site.  And . . . Since I qualify, I also joined the QCWA.  Went to a chapter meeting last week and felt like I had stumbled into the AARP meeting.

  “My latest project is to build the 2 meter coaxial dipole that was in the last issue of QST.  That will give my little VX-7 a better reach when I’m home.  I borrowed a 2 Meter antenna with a mag mount for my car from one of the club guys.   My wife thinks the car looks like something from “My Favorite Martian”. 

  “Boy, there is a great deal of new stuff to learn about.  I live in an antenna restricted area, I’m shopping for a mobile rig for the car so I can get on HF.   

  “Well,  Hopefully I can get on 20M and hook up some day.


W2NYU at NYU Medical Center - Arnold Rand, the former holder of W2NYU, passed away in March  and his  family offered to transfer the call to the NYU ARC.  We applied for a second club call, went throught the vanity process, and on May 27, the call W2NYU was granted "in memoriam" to our club by the FCC.  We are looking into establishing a club branch (with a real station) at the NYU Medical Center in Manhattan.    For info on the late Arnold Rand W2NYU, click here .  He had a very interesting life  --  played poker with Elvis.

Bob WB2NVR continues to do a great job of managing the QSL chores for the club.  He keeps the Logbook of The World up to date as club members work new ones.  Check out the QSL gallery in the online museum for some of the latest exotic cards.   Bob is also willing to handle QSLs for W2NYU, but we need to come up with a QSL design and some logging ground rules.

For those of you who haven't seen the NYU ARC home page on the world-wide-web recently,  please visit http://nyuarc.home.att.net   There have been a few updates and new pages added since last year. 

Have a great summer, and keep in touch.  Thanks and 73.

Dan Ostroy K2UL,  '71E

c/o Daniel Ostroy
8 Golden Crest Court
Hamilton  NJ  08691-3313


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