NYU Amateur Radio Club News,  June 2008

(This email is sent to alumni members of  the NYU Amateur Radio Club, and other interested persons.)

It took lots of "perspiration and perserverance" and NYU ARC is now an official "special interest group" under the NYU Alumni umbrella.  The NYU Alumni web site now has a link to our home page, see  http://alumni.nyu.edu/groups/regional.shtml   We hope this may help us reach more of our alumni.

Since the Sept 2007 news, we've located and added ten new members.  Welcome to 

  • Richard Roxas W3NCC ex-W2BOP ('34-'37)
  • Elihu Cohen, Arnold Shulman, and Milt Rosen, unlicensed members from the Class of '48 
  • Al Eckert ex-W2UGN '50E
  • Steve Leibholz ex-W2ZDE '52A/E
  • Stan Dickstein ex-W2VQA '53E
  • Ron Litt ex-K2KMA '63A/E
  • Gary "Woody" Woodhouse K2UU '67Ed 
  • Guy Dickinson KD7TJJ  '08Steinhardt 

This brings us to thirty eight (38) members.   Their "alumni memories" are available to read on our alumni notes page http://nyuarc.home.att.net/alumni.htm   

We briefly heard from Stan Teich K2IRS '63A who wrote  "Hi  you found me -- I belonged to the amateur radio club at the Heights during the 1957-1959 school years. 73 de K2IRS;  Stanley Teich, 428 Fairfield Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450.  (201) 444-1299"   No luck in following up - he rarely answers email, letters, or phone calls.

We also heard from Harry Zacharia '48E, who wrote "I don't recall if I was a member of the Radio Club but it sounds like something I would do", and we heard from several other alumni who who were NOT club members, either because they were too busy, or because they didn't know the club existed.

Founding Father identified?  In a 2006 QCWA obituary, Nathan Janco W5FUR (sk) '32E was called the "founder of the ham radio club at NYU in 1932."   We checked with the obit source but could not find any further information, and his only son is also deceased.  The full article can be found here  http://www.qcwa.org/w5fur-sk.htm   

In a related discovery, we located the announcement of the founding of the NYU ARC in June 1932 QST.  You can read the QST column here  http://nyuarc.home.att.net/32qst.htm   We contacted W2BLH, another early NYU ham mentioned in Dec 1934 QST, but he is 93 now and his son says he doesn't really remember anything of NYU.

We heard from Elliot Greenstein, son of the well-known Prof Phillip Greenstein, faculty advisor to the NYU ARC, and from grandson Steven Greenstein.  Prof Greenstein died in 2004 at age 98.  More info here  http://nyuarc.home.att.net/profgreenstein.pdf  

A useful source of information about the history of the club and its members has been various annual Yearbooks.  We contacted Bobst Library to see if any of the old Heights Yearbooks still existed, and they replied :  "We do indeed have a collection of all of the NYU Yearbooks, including those from the heights campus. They are located in the University Archives, 10th floor of the Bobst library."   At some point in the near future we hope to visit the Bobst Library and skim through old yearbooks looking for clues. Is anyone interested in joining us?

Bob WB2NVR continues to do a great job of managing the QSL chores for W2DSC.  He keeps the Logbook of The World up to date as club members work new ones.

For those of you who haven't seen the NYU ARC home page on the world-wide-web recently,  please visit http://nyuarc.home.att.net   We have added and updated some general information about the club status, and updated the  "virtual museum" page that we started four years ago. 

Once again, we want everyone to know that we are still seeking additional pictures or commentary to be added to the site.  If you come across anything in your archives, let us know.  If you would like to send us any papers or photos, we can scan them electronically and return them in good condition.  The postal  mailing address is below.

Enjoy the summer, and keep in touch.  Thanks and 73.

Dan Ostroy K2UL,  71E

c/o Daniel Ostroy
8 Golden Crest Court
Hamilton  NJ  08691-3313


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