NYU Amateur Radio Club News,  December 2008

After 35 long years, NYU once again has a School of Engineering.  The merger with Polytechnic University in Brooklyn has been  completed.  It is now the Polytechnic Institute of New York University.

The NYU ARC now has 43 living/breathing members.  Who would have thought?  Since the June 2008 newsletter, we've located and added five new members.  Welcome to -

·         WA6TLA, Elliott Lawrence, '60E, ex-K2KIA

·         K2IRS, Stan Teich, '63A

·         W4JMJ, Joan Jones, '88W

·         AE3A, Colin Phoon, NYU Med faculty

·         W2GW, John Reiser, (78-82)W

You can read their comments in the Alumni Notes section of the “virtual museum.”

As we mentioned in the June newsletter, a useful source of information about the history of the club and its members has been various annual Yearbooks.  We visited the University Archives on the 10th floor of the Bobst Library in August to skim through old Heights Yearbooks and found some interesting photographs.  We now have pictures of every Heights Radio Club group from 1935 through 1939 in the museum.   We are hoping to go back in the spring for more research into club history.

Earlier this year we thought we had located the announcement of the founding of the first NYU ARC at University Heights in the June 1932 QST.   However, we now know that an earlier NYU Radio Club existed at the Washington Square campus in the roaring twenties.  We found a picture of a QSL card from 2CCL which was offered for sale on ebay as part of a collection.  However, the final bid was just too high.  A search of US Government callbooks shows the earliest listing for 2CCL at Washington Square was in 1924.  The last listing was in 1930.  For more details and a picture of the card, see http://nyuarc.home.att.net/museum.htm 

New member Colin Phoon AE3A is a Professor of Pediatrics at the NYU Medical School and reports that there are at least 5 hams on the faculty there.   We may look into the possibility of establishing a NYU Radio Club ham shack at that campus.

Congratulations to club member Merv MacMedan N6NO who worked W2DSC while operating on a DXpedition from CEŘY.  Looking forward to seeing the QSL card.

Bob WB2NVR continues to do a great job of managing the QSL chores for W2DSC.  He keeps the Logbook of The World up to date as club members work new ones.  As of December 12, W2DSC has 134 countries confirmed for DXCC.

For those of you who haven't seen the NYU ARC home page on the world-wide-web recently,  please visit http://nyuarc.home.att.net   There have been quite a few updates and new pages added since last year. 

Once again, we want everyone to know that we are still seeking additional pictures or commentary to be added to the site.  If you come across anything in your archives, let us know.  If you would like to send us any papers or photos, we can scan them electronically and return them in good condition.  The postal  mailing address is below.

Have a great Holiday Season, and keep in touch.  Thanks and 73.

Dan Ostroy K2UL,  '71E

c/o Daniel Ostroy
8 Golden Crest Court
Hamilton  NJ  08691-3313


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