NYU Amateur Radio Club News,  September 2007

This email is sent to alumni members of  the NYU Amateur Radio Club W2DSC, and other interested persons.  It's been a year since our last newsletter and we wanted to bring you all up to date.

We've located and added several more alumni members in the past 12 months.  Welcome to  Paul Hunter '71E,  Dan Swerdlow '75E,  Marty Hellman '66E,  Paul Moskowitz '66E,  Don DiGalbo '69E,  Jim Neiger '62E,  Walter Bonazza '48E, and Yuval Zeira .  That brings us to twenty seven alumni members.   We also heard from Dino Paschetto '48E.  Their "alumni memories" are available on our alumni notes page http://nyuarc.home.att.net/alumni.htm   

We are sorry to report that  Dave Rosen '58A,  Steve Lipsky '53E,  and Roy Udolf '50E  have passed away recently.

The big news this fall is that NYU is merging with Polytechnic University.  Thirty four years after NYU closed its School of Engineering in the Bronx and sent our engineers packing off to Brooklyn, we will soon have an engineering college again.  NYU has announced plans to merge with Polytechnic U (formerly Brooklyn Poly). 

Click here to read the news story published in "newyorkbusiness.com"

Click here to read NYU President John Sexton's statement on the proposed merger.

Several new items have been added in our virtual museum.  Dan K2UL visited the Heights campus in August.  Photographs were taken and can be seen at http://nyuarc.home.att.net/campus2007.htm  despite being told by the kampus kops that photography is prohibited on campus since 9/11.  The campus condition was better than expected.  On a Sunday afternoon, it is still a calm and quiet place to spend a few moments amidst the turmoil of the city.  The trees were green and the squirrels were having fun.

Club members activated W2DSC in the Collegiate QSO Party last fall, and in the School Club Roundup this past February.  We have received several nice QSL cards for these contacts. They are on display in the museum and can be viewed  at http://nyuarc.home.att.net/qslgallery.htm 

The NYU ARC received ARRL Club Affiliation.  We hope this will give us wider exposure and make it easier for alumni and students to find us.   We also tried contacting Louis Pataki K2PRB, a NYU professor emeritus and brother of ex-Governor George Pataki, for possible help getting us reconnected with the University, but received no response.

For those of you who haven't seen the club's home page on the world-wide-web, please visit http://nyuarc.home.att.net   We have added and updated some general information about the club status, plus the  "virtual museum" page that we started three years ago.  There are quite a few new items from the club's history on display, including a picture of the NYU Radio Club from the 1948 yearbook at http://nyuarc.home.att.net/48yearbook.htm  thanks to Walter Bonazza.  We are still trying to identify some of the members in the photo.. 

Once again, we want everyone to know that we are still seeking additional pictures or commentary to be added to the page.  If you come across anything in your archives, let us know.  If you would like to send us any papers or photos, we can scan them electronically and return them in good condition.  The postal  mailing address is below.

Thanks and 73,

Dan Ostroy K2UL,  71E

c/o Daniel Ostroy
8 Golden Crest Court
Hamilton  NJ  08691-3313


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