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   The University Heights Campus Today

Photos by Dan Ostroy K2UL, August 19, 2007

All things considered, the campus looked a lot better than it might have.  The grounds are reasonably maintained, and they have even started replacing some of the corroded name plaques in the Hall of Fame.  On a Sunday, the campus was totally empty; just me, a guy doing laps around the track, and two security guards.  One negative occurred when a guard approached and said that "since 9-11 it is illegal to take pictures on campus".  So, I waited for him to walk away, and continued shooting.   But in general, the Heights campus still feels like a tranquil oasis in a tough part of the city.

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  MacCracken Hall

Gould Library

Havemeyer Hall

Clock tower at
University Ave
  Gould Dormitory

Alumni Gymnasium

Nichols Hall

Nichols Hall close up
  Student Center, front

Student Center, rear

 Gould Tech, the
"Potato Chip" building

Tech II
  Tech II close up

Hall of Fame 1

Hall of Fame 2

Hall of Fame 4

Hall of Fame 5

Hall of Fame 7

Hall of Fame 8

Hall of Fame 9

Lafayette plaque

Samuel F B Morse

Samuel F B Morse

The Quad

Silver Hall Dorm


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